Agilent DNA Array Services

Agilent DNA Array Services


Besides whole genome arrays for human, mouse and rat, Agilent offers a large selection of species specific catalogue arrays (e.g. brassica, rabbit, rice, dog, salmon). These microarrays printed with Agilent's SurePrint technology have all genes and transcripts of the targeted species with one 60-mer oligonucleotide probe representing each sequence. The annotation of the represented genes and transcripts is based on publicly available databases (e.g. RefSeq, Unigene, RIKEN). Custom array designs can be done on different formats (1x244K, 2x105K, 4x44K, 8x15K).


Agilent's genotyping platform is an integrated solution that gives the resolution and flexibility to perform on a single chip genome-wide as well as customized zoom-in profiling of genomic aberrations, along with simplified experimental design and proven protocols to handle genomic samples with full complexity. Based on 60mer oligonucleotides and a very flexible ink jet printing device, Agilent's arrays provide a powerful tool for the genome-wide detection of copy number variations (CNVs). The resolution of array-based CGH is up to 150 times better compared to conventional chromosome-based CGH.

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