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Tissue microarrays (TMAs) have become a common method for efficient management of tissue samples. For more general background about TMA application areas, visit our TMA information pages and links for key references to scientific publications involving tissue arrays. With the MTA1 and the ATA27 AlphaMetrix provides manual and automated solutions from Estigen/Beecher.

The Paraffin Tape-Transfer system makes it possible to support and capture tissue sections and sections with the TMA cores intact and to transfer them to a slide. The tape-transfer process eliminates the water bath step which can be damaging the section or the cores in the section.

The CryoJane Tape-Transfer System for Cryosectioning makes it easy to produce high-quality frozen sections of difficult tissues. The CryoJane uses adhesive coated slides and adhesive tapes to capture sections instead of using an anti-roll plate or brush. The Leica CryoJane is adaptable to virtually all cryostats on the market.

The system achieves frozen sections of paraffin-quality as thin as two microns. The sections are wrinkle-free, uncompressed, fully intact and bonded to the microscope slide. A strip of tape is affixed to the trimmed tissue block and a section is then cut onto the tape. The tape with the section is placed on a pre-coated adhesive slide.
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CryoJane TTS

CryoJane TTSThe CryoJane® Tape-Transfer System achieves frozen sections of paraffin-quality as thin as 2 microns, wrinkle-free, uncompressed, fully intact and bonded to the microscope slide in less than 3 minutes. The frozen section is captured on a cold tape window as it is being cut...
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Manual Tissue Arrayer MTA-1

Manual Tissue Arrayer MTA-1The manual arrayer allows for relatively easy construction of tissue microarrays with several hundred specimens. Typical size of an array is ~500 cases. Manual tissue arrayer MTA-I is the entry-level equipment necessary to start up a productive TMA facility. It is an affordable,...
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Clini-RF Rapid Freezer

Clini-RF Rapid FreezerThe Clini-RF is a new type of freezer designed to rapidly freeze specimens for sectioning or processing. It has a rapid freezer tank which can hold object holders as well as hexane for immersion of the specimens.
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Paraffin TTS PSA Kit

The Paraffin Tape-Transfer System utilizes a tape-transfer method similar to CryoJane® for the rotary microtome. Sections are captured flat and uncompressed on a tape-window as they are cut and then transferred to an adhesive coated slide. It is very useful for...
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Automated Tissue Arrayer ATA-27

Automated Tissue Arrayer ATA-27The ATA-27 automated arrayer is designed for making construction of high-density tissue microarray blocks fast, accurate and reliable. Automated arrayer ATA-27 is intended for laboratories requiring higher throughput in array production. It eliminates the tedious manual punching...
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