Dr.Natalie Kuldell, Instructor
Department of Biological Engineering, MIT, Cambridge, MA, USA

We wanted to visualize gels stained with SYBR® Safe, as it is less hazardous than having students use Ethidium bromide. In 2008, we installed a Syngene gel documentation system because it is much more sensitive than the Polaroid camera we were using and it easily detects SYBR Safe stained DNA.

We now use the Syngene system all the time to teach our students how to image and quantify DNA. Every year over 60 students use the system to analyze multiple experiments, and then upload the results to our internal web site. They love it because it is intuitive. Each student can quickly produce an image of their gel, which is good as it prevents long lines of grumpy students lining up to use the system. I'd highly recommend a Syngene gel doc for use in teaching labs!

Madam Subha, Lab Manager
Department of Biological Sciences, National University of Singapore, Singapore

We installed our first Syngene system in 2001 and now have 11 in our research and teaching lab. We use them because, unlike other imagers we have tried, Syngene systems can accurately detect DNA and RNA stained with SYBR® Safe. Syngene systems are quick and easy to set up, which is important as we often have 200 students in our sessions, all of whom need to capture their gel images. The units are very hardy too and our first Syngene system is still working well today, despite being tested to its limits.

The support we receive from Insta BioAnalytik, Syngene's agents here is great and if we have a problem, they help us to fix it quickly. This is good because with such heavily used systems, we can't afford any downtime. When we need new image analysers, we always look at the latest Syngene one first, as Syngene systems have proved to be perfect for all our different needs.


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