Solid Tumour Growth Supplement

Solid Tumour Growth Supplement

Is a media additive that greatly improves cell growth and morphology in primary solid tumour cultures by exposing these cells to growth factors and cofactors that are known growth promoters. And it has a marked stimulatory effect on solid tumour cells. It is a complex mixture containing growth factors and cofactors dissolved in a buffered DMEM medium.

Advantages that will be seen in solid tumour cultures are the following:

  • a significant improvement in cell growth
  • improved morphology
  • a decrease in turn-around times due to better growth

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Solid Tumour Growth Supplement - 20mlGGS-JL010198,00 €

Technical Specification


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Solid Tumour Growth Supplement is a 10x concentrate, so should be used at an end concentration of 10% v/v in normal foetal calf supplemented culture m
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Technical Specifications

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