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Buffer Recirculation Pump

The 401/D1 auto/manual control ultra compact Buffer Recirculation Pump is ideal for those users wishing to maintain buffer recirculation during horizontal gel electrophoresis. The pump can be connected to the HU13, HU15, CHU20, HU20, CHU25, HU25, SVG-SYS, TVG-SYS, VG-SYS and COMET units through buffer recirculation ports located within the lid of each unit.

High flow rate single channel flows up to 0.01 to120ml/min
Highly compact with single control potentiometer for direction, speed and start/stop
Analogue speed control and remote switching via a 15D connector
Continuous tubing for easy fluid recovery
Adjustable occlusion(pressure)

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Complete System

Single channel standard tubing pump 220-240V 50/60Hz040.1H1D.01020-200 Rpmplease contact us

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Technical Specification
Weight 1.0kg
Dimensions (WxHxD)80x84x133mm
Operational Temperature Range5°C to 40°C
Noise<70dBA at 1m
Control ratio10:01
Standards IEC335-1, EN60529 (IP21)CE, BS0800,
Supply15 Vac from mains transformer
Materials of Construction
DriveExtruded anodised aluminium
Front SupportAnodised aluminium plate
Pumphead TrackExtruded anodised aluminium
Pumphead RollersAcetal
Pumphead RotorAluminium
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Technical Specifications

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