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HU25 Maxi-Plus Standard Horizontal

The 24 gel electrophoresis unit is ideal for high throughput analysis of nucleic acids.


HU25-CG - casting gates with integral silicone seals effectively seal the tray without the need for tape, provided the silicone gasket faces outwards as shown
HU25-SS - 25cm long Scie-Plas Super-Seals offer total versatility in casting, allowing the gel length to be tailored to each user's personal requirements

Large format 25 x 30cm gel tray is ideal for high-throughput techniques, such as HLA typing and screening PCR® products
Twelve comb slots at 2cm intervals along the tray for rapid, high throughput separation of a maximum 624 samples
Multi-channel pipette compatible combs with a maximum 52-sample throughput - allow samples to be loaded quickly and easily from 96 and 384-well thermal cyclers
Combs colour-coded and heightadjustable - offer complete control over loading volume and well depth
Buffer recirculation ports may be connected to a peristaltic pump for buffer recirculation during electrophoresis to maintain buffer pH and prevent ionic gradient formation
Coloured loading strips for easy well detection when loading
UV-transparent acrylic casting tray allows the user to image the gel without risk of damage due to handling
Side handles for safe and easy transportation around the laboratory

Ordering Information

Complete System

Maxi-plus standard horizontal gel unit with removable casting tray, including casting gates with integral silicone seals, 6 x 1mm thick, 26-sample combs, coloured loading strips and buffer recirculation portsHU251.160,00 €

Replacement Parts & Accessories

1 x gel casting tray, 25 x 30cm, including casting gates with integral silicone sealsHU25-UT270,00 €Add to your cart
2 x buffer recirculation portsHU-BRPplease contact us
2 x casting gates with integral silicone sealsHU25-CGplease contact us
1 x silicone gasket, 1 metreHU-SGplease contact us
2 x Scie-Plas Super-SealsHU25-SS55,00 €Add to your cart
36 x coloured loading stripsHU25-CSplease contact us
1 x gel scoopHU25-GSplease contact us
2 x 0.2mm thick, platinum electrode wirePT-0.2128,00 €
2 x 1 metre power leads with shrouded 4mm power output connectorsCABLE-4please contact us

Technical Specification
Unit Dimensions (WxLxH)33x56x9cm
Gel Size (WxL)25x30cm
Buffer Volume3000ml
Buffer Recirculation Ports2
Maximum Sample Capacity624
Comb Thickness1, 1.5 or 2mm
Comb Throughput26 to 52 samples
Comb Slots12
Migration Distance Between Comb Slots2cm
Recommended Running Voltage150 to 200V
Power Output Connectors (diameter)Shrouded, 4mm
Recommended Power SupplyConsort EV243

Order-NrThickness(mm)Sample ThroughputTooth Widt (mm)Tooth Height (mm)Max. Spacing (mm)Sample Volume
in a 5mm
Deep Weel (µl)
HU25-C1-26MC1267230please contact us
HU25-C1-52MC15231,513please contact us
HU25-C1.5-26MC1,5267245please contact us
HU25-C1.5-52MC1,55231,520please contact us
HU25-C2-26MC2267260please contact us
HU25-C2-52MC25231,525please contact us
ORDERNR-MC = Multichannel pipette compatible
Ordering Information
Technical Specifications

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